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Bev Hardidge





Hi I’m Bev Hardidge and live in Hoddles Creek in the beautiful Yarra Valley area of Victoria, Australia.  Thank you for visiting my website.  I have been keen on art and crafts all my life.  Having a creative mum, who was a prolific sewer, knitter and potter has certainly influenced me. Being creative is just part of my being. I just need to be making something, no matter what it is.  Over the years I have dabbled in many creative pursuits.  I am a keen photographer and take lots of photos which often become subjects of paintings in some way.  In the last few years I have concentrated mostly on painting and experimenting with different mediums and styles.  I am mainly self-taught although I have completed several online courses and a couple of workshops and I enjoy trying new things.


I love depicting nature and the world around me and I’m greatly inspired by what I see on our property, in our garden and the area we live as well as my beautiful family and our travels.  We built a rustic studio called the Art Barn in which I do my painting and teaching.  

When I paint I sometimes have an idea of what I want to paint such as a landscape or flowers etc.  I often begin developing layers and textures in an intuitive fashion using different mediums that I feel like using at the time.  It could be making marks with pencil, charcoal or inks and sometimes even ollage or texture paste.  I develop it into a painting using acrylic paint and using different kinds of mark making tools.  

I have recently began my journey creating pottery. It has been a huge learning curve.  I have been teaching myself the properties of clay and how I can decorate the vessels using underglazes in similar ways I use paint. I have discovered that you have to be patient and follow a process. Sometimes I make pots using slabs of clay and other times I use the wheel.  It is very exciting to finally open the glaze fired kiln to see how my creations have turned out. I love producing functional art that people can use everyday as well as some just for decoration.  

I have been involved with the Yarra Valley Arts Open Studios on four occasions and it is on again, virtually, in 2020.  Please check out the website for more details.

 If you would like to come and visit my studio please contact me via email. 

I also sell items on Redbubble.  All different types of items such as cushions, bags, t-shirts, mugs etc can be ordered through Redbubble, with my paintings printed on them.    Find me on Redbubble here

Please enjoy viewing my shop, they are all for sale and I also take commissions.


I hope to see you soon.   

         Bev H.

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